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Placenta encapsulation is the process in which the placenta is prepared for and ingested by the birthing mother, typically during the first six weeks postpartum. This centuries-old practice has recently grown in popularity around the world as mothers seek a calmer postpartum period.

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Encapsulation methods

At The Nest, we offer two different methods of placenta encapsulation, each with different health benefits. For more information about placenta encapsulation, visit the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts.

The Traditional Chinese Method
This encapsulation method steams the placenta with water infused with fresh lemon and ginger. After steaming, the placenta is dehydrated, and by default ground into powder and encapsulated.
This method of placenta encapsulation lowers the microbial count and hormone concentration in the finished product. It can be a good option if you have tested positive for GBS.
The Raw Japanese Method
For this method of encapsulation, the placenta is not steamed. Instead, it is thinly sliced and dehydrated, and by request ground to powder and encapsulated. This preparation method, when properly performed, is well within safe food parameters.
Placenta capsules prepared using this method have a higher microbial count and hormone concentration. As a result, some women find them extremely powerful. The effects can be managed by lowering the dose consumed each day.

Pricing for placenta services

Placenta encapsulation
Traditional Chinese or Raw Japanese placenta encapsulation for your postpartum experience.
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Our placenta services team

Placenta services are preformed by Katie.

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