About The Nest

What is The Nest

The Nest Birth & Family Services is a Christian birth and postpartum doula agency serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota owned by Jeannie Baron and Linda Sarna. We started our agency because we had a vision of creating a community of passionate and evidence-based birth professionals who are motivated by the love of Jesus and all things birth and the desire to surround mothers and families with tenderness, kindness and skill.

Jeannie Baron and Linda Sarna, owners of The Nest, sitting on blue chairs.

Why we exist

At The Nest, we understand the power of a mother’s intuition. That’s why our guiding principle is to listen before all else. We then pair that listening ear with our training and expertise to ensure that you understand your choices and to give you a voice to express them. Our aim is to help you have your ideal pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

Infant breastfeeding while his mother looks down at him.

We also believe in the importance of nurturing the family and ensuring support during the formative days and weeks before and after birth. Having the best professional support can help you feel strong and capable in your biggest transition as a family. Our doulas are here to walk beside you through your pregnancy, the transformative experience of birth, and your early days attaching with your new baby. The transition into parenthood isn't always easy, but together, we can create space for ease within it.

What we do

A nest is a space that is loving, positive, strong, and durable. Our vision is to make The Nest Birth & Family Services this sort of space for growing families. To that end, we offer the best providers in prenatal and postpartum care. The Nest doulas are professionally trained and are either certified or working towards certification to assure accountability and the highest of professional doula standards. Besides birth doula support, we also offer childbirth education, body work, breastfeeding support, postpartum doulas, parenting classes, and much more. Whether you are looking for childbirth classes, a birth doula or a postpartum doula, our unbiased, unconditional guidance makes us an incredible choice to round out your baby dream team!

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