Birth doula

Experienced, customized support for your best labor and birth.

All birth doula services include

A complimentary consultation
One complimentary virtual or in-person consultation to interview your potential doula.
A team of like-minded doulas
You will build a relationship with your primary doula, knowing that your back-up doula is of the same caliber. All of our doulas are professionally trained and hand-picked for our team.
Unlimited support
Unlimited phone/text/email support from your doula, from the day you hire us until your last postpartum visit.
Prenatal meetings
One or two prenatal meetings in your home to help you prepare for your birth and create your birth plan.
Labor assistance and support
On-call, in-person labor assistance and continuous support throughout your labor, birth, and 1-2 hours post delivery.
Optional birth photos
Digital, unedited photos of your labor and birth, if you choose.
A postpartum follow-up visit
A postpartum follow-up visit to process your birth with you, give you a copy of the birth notes, provide feeding support, answer any questions you have, and connect you with resources if needed.
A supportive team
All the doulas from The Nest team cheering you on!

Pricing for birth doula services

Tier 1
Work with a professionally trained doula working toward certification.
Tier 2
Work with a professionally trained, certified, and experienced doula.
Tier 3
Work with a highly trained and experienced doula.
Repeat clients, contact The Nest for availability and discounted pricing.
The Nest owners, Jeannie Baron and Linda Sarna, are available on a limited basis.

Contact The Nest to schedule a discovery call and learn more about what we offer.

Our birth doula team

The Nest birth doulas are professionally trained and are either certified or working towards certification to assure accountability and the highest of professional doula standards.

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